To Family and Friends,

I find myself overwhelmed facing the task of thanking each and everyone of you who sent flowers, gifts, food, prayers, calls, visits and support.  Every gesture of kindness has been so special that a pre-printed thank you note signed “The Krissy Goodman Family” is not adequate.  I bought beautiful note cards and intended to write you each a personal note but I find I cannot do that either.  I hope this letter will suffice.

Losing your child is an unimaginable event.  After the shock settles in you realize you have to face the task of planning your child’s Final Celebration of Life.   With the help of family, friends and professionals,  Krissy’s Celebration evolved into a beautiful event.  The family had to only make a few decisions and the rest just happened.  It happened because of all of your kindness, generosity, and love.

It was most special to share Krissy’s farewell with so many people that have been important to us in our lives.  Whether you were there in person or with us from a distance, you all were a part of it.  From high school friends, to co-workers, to family friends, to Krissy’s teachers and friends, all were represented  Everyone’s love and support carried us through.

Someone said it best:  “I believe that people die when God’s work for them on earth is complete.  Krissy  died so young she must have been a real go-getter”.  Truer words couldn’t be spoken.  While we will miss her here, we know she is very busy in heaven.

Ronny, Cory, Gyla, Wanda, Greg, and Michael all share in the appreciation of your generosities.  With our faith and your love we will all be okay.

Love to you all,


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